Pruning, Thinning and Removals

 Pruning is the cutting away of selected woody material for structural or aesthetic purposes as well as for fruit production on bearing trees. A properly pruned tree maintains its natural ability to adapt and thrive more efficiently in its surrounding environment. 

 Removing trees that are part of our urban forest canopy will be a necessity for every tree at some time or another. Trees may live for hundreds of years in their natural surroundings but environmental stresses and infringements due to development and many other factors can reduce the lifespan of these noble sentries, when that time comes, you can depend on the safe and reliable experts at Hosanna Tree and Landscaping Services.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a common service we provide for our customers.  Stump grinding can be completed the same day of the removal or scheduled for a later date.

Tree Risk Assessment

 A healthy ' looking' tree may have one or several factors that may cause limb or trunk failure at the next slight disturbance. Many times, after winter winds and rains, the springtime sap flow and leaf growth bring massive amounts of weight that many trees are unable to support. This is magnified with additional weight from a little rain with even the slightest wind has brought many otherwise healthy 'looking' trees to the ground. 


"How much is the cost for a Tree Risk Assessment"?
  The cost is WAITING TOO LONG to have a professional Certified Arborist give an informal evaluation that is FREE OF CHARGE for your peace of mind and be able to help preserve your valuable trees or safely remove them if necessary.

*For a detailed written arborist report, there may be a charge that may vary in accordance to the number of trees that are involved.